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The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby

Oct 21, 2022

In a live episode recorded at The Bullingdon as part of IF Oxford, Rosie shares a chapter from The Breakup Monologues book and chats to historian Sally Holloway about how easy it once was to ghost someone, the evolution of our cultural understanding of heartbreak, the significance of love letters and the history of affairs and to zoologist Joanna Bagniewska about how ‘heartbreak’ might be experienced in the animal world, depressed ‘divorced’ prairie voles, social monogamy, blackbird vasectomies, faithful albatrosses, frisky songbirds, cormorant mating rituals and gifts, homosexual fruit bats and why bonobo society is matriarchal. Recorded at IF Oxford on 12 October 2022.

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