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The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby

Dec 15, 2023

In a live episode recorded at Hoxton Hall, Rosie chats to comedian Jen Ives and writer / performer Emma Frankland about whether we’d go and see an ex doing a show all about their exes, actively choosing to stay in relationships (or not), growing up during the Section 28 years and not having access to information about trans identities, writing for Hollyoaks and much more. We also hear a fantastic audience contribution about a platonic relationship breakup from Tamara Micner. This episode was the second half of a live double bill. You may want to listen to our previous episode to hear Josi’s poem, which we refer to a number of times. Recorded at Hoxton Hall, as part of Hackney Pride 365’s Trans Awareness Week season, on 17 November 2023. With thanks to Hackney Pride 365 and to ELOP. You can now follow The Breakup Monologues on Instagram and Threads @breakupmonologues and buy The Breakup Monologues book from all good bookshops:

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