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The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby

Sep 17, 2021

In a live episode recorded at London Podcast Festival, Rosie chats to comedian Ania Magliano, author of The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, Haley McGee, and creator of The Chemo Chat Show, Sarah Mills, about whether we can calculate a mathematical formula for the cost of love, crying so much that your nose bleeds, the dubious reliability of scientific studies, smoking after a breakup, first date locations, why fleeting relationships and their unexplored potential can torture people the most and whether we should comfort ourselves with either positive or negative memories of an ex. Recorded at London Podcast Festival on 3 September 2021.

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The Breakup Monologues will be recording live episodes again in early 2022, including our annual anti-Valentine’s show in Feb at Poplar Union. Follow Rosie on Twitter @rosiewilby for announcements.