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The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby

Nov 3, 2023

In a live episode recorded at Margate Bookie, Rosie chats to authors Lucy Vine and Olivia Petter plus comedian Zahra Barri about whether we all have seven archetypes of ex - the first love, the work mistake, the friend with benefits, the overlap, the missed chance, the bastard and the serious one, dating app culture, whether marriages should expire after a certain duration, whether there should be a lower age limit (of around 35 or 40!) of when you can marry, writing as catharsis, staying accountable for our part in a breakup, doing the emotional housework in a relationship, losing ourselves in relationships, whether to stop drinking after a breakup and much more. 

Recorded at Margate Bookie on 22 October 2023.

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The Breakup Monologues will also be recording live episodes at Hoxton Hall on 17 November as part of Hackney Pride’s celebrations of Trans Awareness Week:

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