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The Breakup Monologues with Rosie Wilby

Oct 1, 2021

Here’s something a bit different this week. Rosie has been working on a pilot for this new podcast idea…

I am an only child. I do not have a sister. As far as I know. That is enough for the rational, scientific part of me, the part inherited from my pragmatic mathematician father. Yet I have always believed deep within the more spiritual part of me that I do have a sister. So where the hell is she?

This is a story about the conflict between what we know and what we feel... and how we make sense of the space in between.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear more of this story or could help in creating a longer series. Many thanks to Content is Queen for the micro grant which made this pilot possible, to Dave Pickering for editing and to Tony Pickering for designing the episode artwork.

The Breakup Monologues, meanwhile, will be back soon with more live recordings and episodes. And, in the meantime, The Breakup Monologues book is available here: